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the upcoming Global event
18-19 Oct 2022

The Canadian Business Academy brings together members of the business innovation field to exchange experiences and research, learn best practices, and forge dynamic new relationships. This year, our welcoming community will gather to discuss new tools, trends and strategies that will collectively advance and prepare early stage entrepreneurs for an ever-changing world at a very important event, the Global Entrepreneurship , Sustainable Business and Innovation Forum.

Why Choose Canadian Business Academy?

More than an education

Canadian Business Academy (CBA) is about more than an education. Your Academic and professional experience gives you the knowledge, skills, confidence and experience to help you make your world better. CBA opens up a host of new opportunities and lets you take control of your future.

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At Canadian Business Academy, we believe that equality is not to be confused with equal opportunity. 

All persons are not born with the same level of physical, cognitive, social and intellectual abilities, but all persons are born with the right to equal opportunity to reach their full potential.

 This belief is foundational for our method of individualizing student instruction, accomplished by evaluating learners against the standard of their own personal potential and tailoring instruction to meet their respective physical, cognitive, social, and intellectual needs.  

At CBA we do not compensate for deficits; rather, we learn and embrace the way a student processes information.

 We embrace a divergent mindset in our approach to education 

that translates itself into our focus on addressing the whole student in education. 

We believe that all aspects of a student—physical, mental, and spiritual—are all parts of a whole that work together to achieve academic success.  

Each of these individual areas must be cultivated and grown in balance in order to produce the best results.

 Failure to address or neglecting one area will harm the others.

 This translates into what we call The Triangle Model: body, mind, and spirit working together to help each student reach their individual potential. 

 We believe that in order for each student to reach academic success, potential must be individualized. 

The way we do this at CBA is developing an educational strategy for each learner that is based upon careful evaluation and tailored to the learner’s specific needs.

 All areas discussed in The Triangle Model are incorporated into this 

educational strategy; however, the way it materializes for each learner will be unique to that learner.

Canadian Business academy is committed to providing a quality education for all students. We are committed to preparing our students for success at the Academy level. The mission of Canadian Business academy is to cultivate, lead, and inspire all students to become innovative thinkers and life-long learners through a challenging, meaningful, and engaging curriculum emphasizing Science, Technology, Administration, … etc.

Belief enables the confidence to approach any situation with determination. It promotes a ‘can do’ attitude and encourages resilience. This value epitomises character, which empowers students to approach learning without a fear of failure. It is important that young people believe they will accomplish both short term tasks and long term ambitions.

We are committed to ethical and responsible behavior in our own actions and to developing the same commitment in our students by promoting the awareness of professional ethical responsibilities.

We commit to being responsible and accountable in our operations at all levels, including assessment and continuous improvement of our academic programs and transparency in our fiscal and operational proceedings.




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