The idea of the Canadian Business Academy (CAB) was established as an independent company in Canada to develop competencies and capabilities and create study opportunities. It also aims to provide scientific and professional services in order to support and disseminate knowledge and intellectual and scientific exchange around the world through internationally accepted principles and regulations to meet the needs of education and training institutions.

Canadian Business Academy, is one of the most prominent training and educational organizations in Canada, and it has graduated hundreds of students who have been well-qualified to be employed in the best companies in Canada and the worldwide.

The mission of Canadian Business Academy is to support individuals and companies to develop their skills and provide them with everything new in the world of business administration, in addition to developing their language skills through training them with scientific and applied methods that make them able to face real challenges in life and the labor market.

We provide hands-on training that has a direct impact on business results. We follow a methodology that develops innovative, behavior-focused content. Participants in our training programs acquire essential skills that can be applied at work the day after the course is completed. We offer a unique learning experience and not just a set of courses.

At Canadian Business Academy, we follow international quality standards in education for all training programs, in addition to distinguished trainers and professors in their fields, who have scientific and professional experience in education and training.

On the other hand, the (CBA) is an educational institution and accreditation accrediting body at the same time, rather represents and manages international accreditation bodies specialized in many fields and sectors that operate in accordance with global programs to organize, examine, review and conform to internationally recognized international standards. Continuous restructuring and increasing the quality of education and training institutions is an urgent necessity to develop them, raise their efficiency, and strengthen their credibility before their communities and students. Clear and specific practical procedures must be adhered to achieve international quality standards. Our mission is to develop, facilitate and provide a culture of accreditation to optimize the use of human and financial resources. (CBA) is associated with many cooperation agreements with many educational and training bodies around the world to provide appropriate solutions and motivate education and training institutions to benefit from and enable these agreements and expertise in various disciplines. From the exchange of intellectuals of the highest quality to support. Integration between theoretical and practical training for capacity development, innovation and innovation.


Our mission is to develop individuals at both the academic and professional levels as well as to develop and apply standards to review and improve the quality of training and institutional performance, and to validate and review these standards through continuous research and feedback.


Our vision is to provide real opportunities individuals at both the academic and professional levels and training providers to demonstrate their capabilities and commitment to maintaining the quality and performance of their programs to maintain the required level of the professions they serve.

Our Objectives