Study and Training

Academy courses are authored by an academic and professional team; The Academy also engages in applied research in various business fields. The Academy publishes reports on its research, supplying international corporations and investment funds with statistics, methodologies and projects.

The Academy functions corporate institution supported by a number of international commercial organizations, placing orders for research and the training of specialists in the following fields:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Corporate Governance
  • Banking Law
  • Innovation Management
  • Advertising Technologies
  • Corporate Branding

Job Opportunities for Academy Graduates

Canadian Business Academy takes part in the Graduates Employment Program. There are Canadian partner companies interested in our specialists. 

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Communications, Promotion, Reputation

The Academy have accreditation programmers for training institutions and trainers. represents and manages international accreditation bodies specialized in many fields and sectors that operate in accordance with global programs to organize, examine, review and conform to internationally

The Academy operates a correspondence-study system that provides students with high-quality business education programs in the remotest corners of the world. To study, all you need is a PC or a tablet – the rest will be done for you by our Information Office and servers in the Canada.

The tutor will be your personal consultant for the period of your studies, assisting you in doing exam tasks under your course and consulting you in preparing and writing your graduation work. The means of communication include telephone, e-mail and visual communicators (Zoom, Face Time, Skype, etc.).

The Diploma, Masters and Doctor of Business Administration programs are now popular throughout the world. Therefore, if after completing the Application Form for the course of your choice you are told that the program has no vacancies in the near future, don’t worry – the Academy will put you on the waiting list and alert you in advance of vacancy openings and the start date of your studies.

The Academy provides educational scholarship in cooperate with a lot of universities in high ranking in Canada, Grant recipients include representatives especially developing country.

To support grant programs and pursue research in new scientific areas, the Academy will open a network of information offices in those countries, The Academy will keep grant programs in the form to which our clients and customers. Please note the slight changes that have taken place with respect to financial policy tuition fees under grant programs.

Managing Educational Projects

Based on the plans of the Canadian Businesses Academy and its endeavor to spread knowledge and support the process of education and professional training, as well as to consolidate cultural exchange and enhance cooperation, the American group has drawn up a strategic framework for its goals and developed an innovative constitution for its tasks, the most important of which are: –

We are managing and representing accredited educational and training projects around the world.

Organizing and establishing agreements between universities to implement joint academic and professional programs in postgraduate studies.

Building interconnected bridges between educational institutions, establishing cooperation agreements, and exchanging experiences and knowledge.

Restructuring education and training institutions to improve their performance, raise their competitiveness and control their quality to gain society’s confidence.

Implementing joint programs that positively impact societies to promote development in the fields of education and training alike.

Events & Conferences

Conferences, forums, and seminars are essential tools for transmitting information, disseminating knowledge, professional practices, and added values and counting as a crucial factor in exchanging cultures and civilizations and building understanding and strengthening relations between countries. It is an industry with its entity and is an essential resource at all levels, whether in education and training, economics, art …ets. As it works to increase the volume of investments, global economic growth, and increase job opportunities.

The American Group for Managing Educational Projects has created an integrated unit for the management and manufacture of conferences, forums, and seminars and a team dedicated to planning, designing, and studying these forums and assigned the task of sponsoring and coordinating conference venues, reservations, tourist places, and invitations to participate in the Global Institute for Tourism and Hospitality (GITH) to handle all these matters, and also established memoranda of understanding with speakers Distinguished internationals with expertise in several fields such as (health care, intellectual property, health, and occupational safety, environment, artificial intelligence, and other vital topics)

Training Programs

Continuous knowledge is an essential element in building a growing and prosperous business, and it is an investment of time and resources. Training is a science in itself, and it is the best way to acquire knowledge, competence, and practical experiences. Furthermore, it begins after the awareness of the importance of self-development is completed.

The Canadian Businesses Academy has designed an integrated system for the training process with international specifications, which experts, academics, and professionals have implemented. This system is based on dividing the training pillars from each other (place of training – trainer – scientific material – professional certificates) and approving each of the previous pillars separately. They must all be compatible with international standards to ensure the success of the training process and reliable outputs, allowing the trainee to improve and develop his level and performance.