Events & Conferences Management

Conferences, forums, and seminars are essential tools for transmitting information, disseminating knowledge, professional practices, and added values and counting as a crucial factor in exchanging cultures and civilizations and building understanding and strengthening relations between countries. It is an industry with its entity and is an essential resource at all levels, whether in education and training, economics, art …ets. As it works to increase the volume of investments, global economic growth, and increase job opportunities.

The Canadian Business Academy has created an integrated unit for the management and manufacture of conferences, forums, and seminars and a team dedicated to planning, designing, and studying these forums and assigned the task of sponsoring and coordinating conference venues, reservations, tourist places, and invitations to participate in the Global Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management (GITHM) to handle all these matters, and also established memoranda of understanding with speakers Distinguished internationals with expertise in several fields such as (health care, intellectual property, health, and occupational safety, environment, artificial intelligence, and other vital topics)