Chief Executive Officer

There are three departments in the CEO Faculty now – Scientific Research Department which presents materials for education programs of Diploma, Masters, doctoral studies, department of the international studies of business management and department of management for non-profit organizations. 

Candidates study receive the experience of independent scientific research under supervising of highly qualified teachers. Authors of the most interesting and perspective dissertational works under the invitation of the Canadian Business Academy participate in scientific – practical conferences and international forums.

Faculty Corporate Governance

From Research to Corporate Teaching

There are Diploma, Masters, Doctoral studies in specialisms of Corporate Governance offered at the Faculty now. The Faculty conducts scientific research and offers education programs. The Faculty is recognized as a premier research Centre of effective and responsible management. Faculty is at the forefront of the thorough examination of governance issues facing the business community.

Faculty Corporate Governance Fellows research topics that advance knowledge in the fields of finance, marketing, accounting, organizational behavior and other areas related to business. The Fellows work to understand the practitioners’ needs and to assist them in developing and incorporating the best practices. Faculty interacts with the business community, acting as a forum for the open exchange of ideas supported by research.


Faculty Banking Law

From International Financial Standard to Banking Law

There are international Diploma, Masters, doctoral studies with specialization in Banking Law and International Accounting Standards now.  Today Faculty prepares financial managers of the supreme professional level in the field of the bank legislation, and also corporate financial directors for management of the finance in the international projects.


Faculty Innovation Management

From Innovation Management to Innovation Company

There are Department of practical research of innovation technologies and Department of the international Diploma, Masters, doctoral studies of Innovation Management in the organization at the faculty now.

Up to the present time, the Faculty has prepared about Three hundred managers of the supreme administrative level with specialism in Innovation Management in the company.

Faculty Advertising Technologies

Marketing and Advertising

There is Department of practical research of Advertising Technologies and Department of the Advertising Technologies, Diploma, Masters, doctoral studies at the faculty now. The Advertising Technologies programs is perfect for people who are naturally creative, enjoy working with people, and are highly energetic. Candidates who report the greatest satisfaction with Advertising Technologies programs are focused on a specific career path and are willing to work long hours to advance their careers.

An advertising firm typically expects its staff to be available outside regular office hours and to be flexible when working with clients. People who report the greatest satisfaction with Advertising Technologies programs have a clear idea what they want to learn and are focused on that goal. It is sometimes difficult for creative people to translate their talents into employment opportunities, especially in a closely management environment, such as an advertising agency. Advertising Technologies programs now offers courses in the work environment to prepare students for the formal structure and rules that are very common in business.