Corporate Branding

This Research is based on the big practical material of successfully realized branding and rebranding projects of various institutions, companies specialized on mechanical engineering, service companies’ category Deluxe, financial companies and FCMG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods).

Corporate branding is represented as the tool of strategic management. Special attention is paid to a methodical and methodological basis of construction of brand model (platform), thus brand model (as well as procedures on its construction) is a specific author’s achievement and is not offered in similar treatment by other authors.

We consider the brand as an image and we treat perception of the image using the set of communicative projections. Thus communicative projections are considered as sign systems. This course is emphasized on analysis methods of the specific features of the sign systems perception and diagnostics of their integrity, breaks in perception and contradictions. The system of communications – is the set of communicative projections. It is necessary to have predictable controllability of the communication systems for successful and conformable creation of the image.

The logic of effective branding is presented in the course. It allows branding object to receive the effective system of communications and criteria of an estimation of business promotion productivity. Effective branding should begin with formalization strategy and/or strategic ambition of the branding object, detection of uniqueness the brand and it’s USP (unique selling proposition, unique selling point).

You will get acquainted to the international branding methodology of CBI Consult, specific features of such concepts as: «brand product», «brand essence», «person of the brand» etc. in the section «Model of the brand». You will find out about the role of business-processing and ideology in brand modelling and about functional meaning of the brand model. The brand model presents the full system of criteria for the system of external and internal brand communications construction.

The main advantages of the course are the parts devoted to the brand materialization, such as controlled naming technology, practically applied on many international projects and the visual program based on the «5 elements» system, which allows to create any communication brand formats, fully keeping and strengthening their identity, using the “LEGO” principle.

The creative concept is necessary for the effective program of brand introduction. We’ll discuss its necessity and expediency of its development using the example of successfully realized projects, when the creative program, formed on the basis of the brand model, its verbal and visual concepts, allowed to effect very serious optimization of the brand communications with various target audiences.

Sections devoted to the branding/rebranding program, their tools and procedures, and part devoted to the integrated brand-communications present a very special practical interest for the Diploma, Masters, doctorates in corporation   with  Canadian universities and worldwide universities. We’ll consider brand communications as a part of the investment process which has a direct influence on the brand capitalization and business as a whole, here. We’ll use works of classics of the theories of marketing and branding, global practical achievements.

Final, but very important section of the course, is devoted to corporate culture and its relations with brand culture. Various types of cultures, functions of the corporate culture and its importance for successful introduction and life of the brand are considered in the research.